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Pause the Project Development…!

We are just going topress the pause button for the project development for the month of February. We are having our final semester exams from 10th February and we need to spend more time for that.

We will be starting back with project development – the final phase – from March 1st and we hope to complete all work by mid of March 2009.

We will be be back in a month….

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R15: The Writing Week

[Work done from 12th January to 25th January 2009]


During first week of this two week period I was working with the integration of JCOP 41 Java Card and eID Browser Extension together with the eID Desktop Application. Before loading applets to the Java Card it was required to complete all the testing in order to aviod harm to the Cards due to malicious code execution. I was also setting up the JCOP tool environment to start the Card burning and further testing.

We also completed our draft report and had two meetings with our supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage and discussed about the final project report and reasearch paper related issues. We got valuable feedbacks regarding some report chapters,also he gave his support to formulate some topics more professional.

Then in the meantime we were working in full force to complete those required documentations.


During this time period I was mainly working on our main research paper with the contribution of other team members. I also contributed to the final project report. As both of these were due submission on the 25th we mainly working on these two most of the time. We had two meetings with our supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage and discussed about the final project report and research paper. These meeting were very helpful in shaping up our research paper.

We were also preparing application for couple of international competitions for which we are planning to participate, and we started initial informal communication with some of the organizers to discuss regarding application procedures and other related details.


During this two week period I mainly contributed to our Final Report with other team members. And we had two meetings with our  our supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage and discussed about the final project report and research paper. These meeting were very helpful in shaping up our research paper and the final report.


During last two weeks time period I was mainly participating with research papers and final project report writing works. Because of both reports submissions due on 25th January we were strictly contributing research papers and final project report writing. Also we had two meetings with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage and discussed about the final project report and research paper. Those meeting were adding more values to our Research papers and final project report.

Also last within week I did several modifications to eID authentication web service. They were about keeping logs about web service access, develop and integrate policy constrain analyzing module to the eID web service and also I did new modification to policy parsing module, which is making the eID system more dynamic and more scalable.

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Meeting with Project Supervisor (23-01-2009)

We had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage today from 2.00pm to 3.45pm.

Summary of items that were discussed at today’s meeting.

  • Draft Final Project Report
    • Need to define the technical/project specific terms and phrases before using them
    • Need to add some simple examples to explain the working model of the system in discussion
    • Analysis the existing eID systems, try to check with following countries:
      • Honk Hong
      • South Korea
      • Malaysia
      • Scandinavian Countries
      • Other European Union Countries
    • Overall architecture of the eID system (which was accidentally removed)
      • Overall view of the architecture
      • Services Specific/Stacked view
      • Transaction View
  • Lecture on Intellectual Property Rights (next week)
    • Try to attend the lecture
    • Try to discuss about the potential of a patent for our project

We are currently working on the Draft of the Final Project Report and the Main Research Paper which are due to be submitted by next Sunday (January 25th).

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Meeting with Project Supervisor (15-01-2009)

We had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage today from 1.15pm to 2.30pm.

We were unable to have a meeting with our project supervisor and advisor Dr. Chandana Gamage for the last couple of weeks due to some mid semester exams and the little load of assignments we had. So at today’s meeting we had to discuss the progress of our project, which is now almost in its final stage and the following matters in details.

  1. Project Progress – We detailed out the individual progress of eac components of the project whic heach of us are working and our project supervisor was satisfied with the worked done and encouraged us to complete the things at our best we can.
  2. Public IP and Server for testing – We are in need of a testing server to deploy our webservice so that we could test it from different places. So we requested a public IP access for our project and Dr. Gamage was so much of helpful in getting that to us, and he sorted that our with relavent persons who were incharge of this and got things done within 15 minutes while we were at his room.
  3. Smart Card Development – As Ramanan had received his smart card kit we took that to the meeting to show to our supervisor. We are hopeful the work related to this could be finished as soon as possible.
  4. Project Demo – The next important thing discussed at this meeting was about the Final Project Demo which needs to be done on the 29th of january or in March after our exams. We decided that we will be doing the demo after our exams as we have to compelte the
  5. Project Report – We were asked to use more reallife examples in the report to explain things and use the same at the presentations too. Ramanan is working on cordinating this. We will have to complete the first draft for review by our supervisor by next Monday or Tuesday. We also talked about refering to the past year project reports.
  6. Research Papers – We discussed about the flow and content of the main research paper of the project, and I’ll post another update seperately on that soon. Also we will have to work on another couple of research papers if possible.
  7. Other Competitions – We also discussed about different venues where we can present our project and publish our research papers. We had a detailed discussion on that and I’ll post another seperate update on that later.

Our project is almost in it final stage, we have almost everything under control to complete it in a better were in time. I’ll keep posted about the progress of the later stage of the project in the days to come.

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R14: The Little Little Changes

[Work done from 29th December 2008 to 11th January 2009]

Within the last two week duration, I was mainly involved with final project report and research paper writing. I already had some preparation and just keep writing both paper most of time. Rather than writing the reports I had to involve with the system integration with eID web service plug-in too. Most of the core functionalities of web service is working perfectly and depend on some new requirements of the eID web browser plug-in, I had to do some changes to the web service. Most of the requirement are solved and but there still there is some remaining requirements to finish.

Also we had a meeting with project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage on 15th January 2009 and discussed mainly about reports and potential opportunities to publish papers. Also in that meeting we discussed about having a public IP for deploy the eID authentication and Identification web services.

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R14: The Success Week

[Work done from 29th December 2008 to 11th January 2009]

This two week period I had work with several issues in our project :

  • Successfully released the Beta version of the eID Desktop application and the eID Browse extension. For more details see here.
  • Worked with the Relying-party Portal.
  • Finalized the Policy String.
  • Proposed to get a Public IP from Department and deploy the web services in that location.
  • Started to wrote the Final report and Research paper.
  • We had a meeting with our supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage on 15th January 2009.

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R14: In-charge of Research

[Work done from 29th December 2008 to 11th January 2009]

During this period I was mainly involved in the final project report and the research paper works. I was able to receive the Java smart cards and reader together at the latter part of the second week and then started working on that, specially with the workstation application. There were several initial configurations needed to be done in order to use the Java card development environment which also uses Global platform and Open platform standards. There were many lessons provided with the card and reader, I had to follow them and learn the environment. Now we are reaching the final stages of the project and I’m about to work on the integration part of the smart card with the browser plugin.

I was in-charge for the report and research work and to coordinate them. So for the purpose I was preparing the basic frameworks and to divide the work among our group members. We’ve already completed first three chapters of the report and now everyone is working on their individual contribution parts. Also we’ve started the research paper works and hopefully complete them before the deadlines.

We had a meeting with our supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage on 15th January 2009 and discussed several issues with him. We needed to get a public ip to deploy our authentication web service, had to discuss about the Java card issues, and discuss about other potential opportunities to publish papers and to present the project. These issues were raised in the meeting and our supervisor responded immediately.

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R14: Starting to Write

[Work done from 29th December 2008 to 11th January 2009]

During this two weeks period I was involved in the following activities in our project:

  1. Completing the Card Creation Application: I was not able to finish this in time as I expected, due to problems I faced with XML generation and XML signatures. I’m also having some issues related to including the Web Service into this, for which I have to work with Malalasena.
  2. Final Project Report: Ramanan was appointed in charge for project report, and he divided work among all group members. I first started writing about my individual contributions. I will have to write and complete some other part also soon.
  3. Research Paper: We also stared working our main research paper. We had several group discussions on this and we also discussed with out project supervisor about this.
  4. Competitions/Conferences: Our project team and our supervisor are interested in presenting our project in events outside Sri Lanka, and I search and contacted some potential events, and we are in the process of preparing the applications for this.

We are almost nearing the completion of the project with some minor issues lift to besorted out.

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Success in objective of eID Browser extension and eID Desktop application

I’m happy to inform you that we are now ready to release the Beta version of the eID Browser extension and the eID Desktop application.
Our team has now overcomed from many problems and now successes with the objective of the eID Browser extension and the eID Desktop application. I’m so happy on this success of the Beta version objective as a coordinating member of the eID software team, And I would like to thanks Malalesena on this mater in behalf of the team.

And again I would like to update all the team members about the Beta version of the eID Browser extension and the eID Desktop application.

Objective of the Beta version :
eID Browser extension -
1 :    Make a connection with Browser and the Rilain party.
2 :    Display the Re lain Party Policy to the eID card holder in a customised way.
3 :    Get the acceptance from the eID hard holder to accept the policy.
4 :    Get the Pass-Phrase from the eID hard holder : Pass it to the eID Desktop application.
5 :    Get the Output from the eID Desktop application.
6 :    Send back the details to the Re lain party.

eID Desktop application-
1 :     Get the Re lain party Policy from the eID Browser Extension : Tokenise the Re lain party Police : Send back the details of the Re lain party Policy to the eID Browser Extension.
2 :    Get the Pass-Phrase from the from the eID Browser Extension.
3 :    [ Signing and Encryption of the wanted data ] Dummy work. – [ Plan to cover in the next working model ]
4 :    Make the connection with the eID Web Services.
5 :    Waiting for the reply from the eID Web Services : Get the reply from the eID Web Services.
6 :    Send back all the encrypted details to the eID Browser Extension.

Now we have covered all this objective in the Beta version with many successive battles with the client side and web services side. And now we can forward on the line towards the next version. I have some objectives to be finished with the next version working model. That is we need to finished the eID Desktop application with the completion of the proper signing and prober encryption in the client side (Object 3 in the Beta version full fill with the original working model) in the next version.

For that we need to do some work on the eID Java card. I hope if we finished that we can replace the dummy model with the original codes.

From the Software development team coordinate,

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Project Progress Update Report – 01/01/2009

Hi all,

We wish you a “Happy New Year”, on behalf of the Project eID Team.

I would like to give some latest updates on Project eID within the last couple of weeks.

  1. Shayanthan is working on the “Browser Plug-in” and “Client Application”. He is facing some difficulties in integrating it with the web service, but he is progressing on that. Malalasena is assisting him in this process of integration with web service.
  2. Ramanan is also facing some difficulties as the ordered smart cards has not arrived yet (due to the holidays there). So he is working on the Final Project Report and Research Papers mainly.
  3. Malalasena is working on the Final Project Report with Ramanan and he is also assisting me and Shayanthan in the integration process.
  4. I’m working on the “Card Creation Application” (which is almost complete) and Malalasena is also working with me in the web service part on the card creation application.

We are almost in line with the planned schedule, though we are lagging a little bit due to difficulties in intergration and availability of smart card. But we are very much certain that we are on the right track. We are also looking into some oppertunities in international competitions such as ICAMES 2009 İSTANBUL, where we might be able to present Project eID.

We keep posted on latest developments with Project eID on this blog.


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