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R7: Draft paper and Design document

[Work done from 18th August to 31st August 2008]

During the last two weeks we were engaged in the following tasks:

  1. Completing the draft paper of the research on ‘Privacy Enhanced Data Management in eID Systems’
  2. Preparing the design document
  3. Finalising the system architecture

We had several group discussions and two meetings with our project supervisor. We discussed about the system architecture for the design document. Then we did the draft version of the design document and submitted that for the review of supervisor. I worked on the part of eID card design specs. We had to move from USB memory stick to Smart Cards. This is due to the privacy issues with keys. I also wrote many textual descriptions for the design document.

Doing the research paper was also interesting. But it was little hard as we have never done such before. We had several discussions on the topic, read a lot of papers in the related topics and then we collectively wrote the draft paper. We have now submitted the draft paper for review and we think the is room for many changes in that before proper publishing.

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R7: Privacy issues with USB memory

[Work done from 18th August to 31st August 2008]

During the last fortnight we gathered two group meetings.  During that meeting we all focused on the prototype development and the Design document.  We discussed the structure of the Design Document and divided the work load between us. Then we met with our supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage and chat with him regarding the Design Document. He suggested us some format to do the design document. And also he gave some valuable points to do the project work.

And we talked with Dr.Chandana Gamage about the the physical eID card. We had the problem with the normal memory stick in the eID card with regarding the privacy. Because we had a severe privacy violating issue with using USB memory sticks as the eID container. So after the discussion with the supervisor we’ve finally decided to go for an USB smart card option.

And during this fortnight we were finalized the research on the topic ‘Privacy Enhanced Data Management in eID Systems” and post a draft paper in the moodle forum.

And I also developing the prototype for the web services using the WSFA and J2EE.

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R7: Deadlocks, ACS and more work…

[Work done from 18th August to 31st August 2008]

During the last two weeks period we had two group meetings and one meeting with our Project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage. We discussed several issues regarding the deadlocks in our project development. We had a severe privacy violating issue with using USB memory stick as the eID container. So we’ve finally decided to go for an USB smart card option. We were doing a research on the topic ‘Privacy Enhanced Data Management in eID Systems”. We completed the research and released the draft paper. This paper was later uploaded to the moodle forum.

Then we completed the draft version of our design document, for this I took the responsibility of designing the Entire System Architecture and the Offline application development. I drew the necessary UML diagrams and we discussed about them in our group meetings. Finally we worked on finalizing the Design Document.

I was also reading about Anonymous Control Systems and found that it would be an interesting idea to implement that in our system to preserve the privacy of the users. There is the mathematical proof of this system, and a practical prototype ‘Idemix’ developed by IBM research lab, Zurich. This was a similar but not exact implementation of ACS. We decided to implement this in our System Architecture.

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R7: Design Document and some WS

[Work done from 18th August to 31st August 2008]

With in last two weeks we involved with lots of project related works, including prototype development of web service, writing design document and discussing new project ideas.  Last two weeks we had come up with some new ideas about the eID system, so we had several project meeting with in last two weeks and we discussed about those new features proposed for eID system.

Prototype development was become very interesting and innovative matter. First I started the development of the web service, which handles the online authentication and the Identity. At there, my ambition was developing web service with fundamental features. While developing prototype we identified lots of difficulties which can occurred using web service alone. Finally we decided to implement the online authentication system with a web service and a Servlet container.

Using USB memory stick as the eID token may lead system to very serious privacy issues. Because USB memory stick haven’t any processing power and we have to take the do the all the operations in the PC, which we have plugged the eID card. During that time privacy data of the cardholder can be used for malicious activities. So we decided to use USB smart card as eID card which has processing power. Also we discussed about implementing Anonymous credentials concept to solve the privacy issues.

We started the writing design document also, we discussed about the structure of the document and we divided the report into four main parts and started the documentations.

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