R7: Privacy issues with USB memory

[Work done from 18th August to 31st August 2008]

During the last fortnight we gathered two group meetings.  During that meeting we all focused on the prototype development and the Design document.  We discussed the structure of the Design Document and divided the work load between us. Then we met with our supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage and chat with him regarding the Design Document. He suggested us some format to do the design document. And also he gave some valuable points to do the project work.

And we talked with Dr.Chandana Gamage about the the physical eID card. We had the problem with the normal memory stick in the eID card with regarding the privacy. Because we had a severe privacy violating issue with using USB memory sticks as the eID container. So after the discussion with the supervisor we’ve finally decided to go for an USB smart card option.

And during this fortnight we were finalized the research on the topic ‘Privacy Enhanced Data Management in eID Systems” and post a draft paper in the moodle forum.

And I also developing the prototype for the web services using the WSFA and J2EE.

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