R7: Deadlocks, ACS and more work…

[Work done from 18th August to 31st August 2008]

During the last two weeks period we had two group meetings and one meeting with our Project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage. We discussed several issues regarding the deadlocks in our project development. We had a severe privacy violating issue with using USB memory stick as the eID container. So we’ve finally decided to go for an USB smart card option. We were doing a research on the topic ‘Privacy Enhanced Data Management in eID Systems”. We completed the research and released the draft paper. This paper was later uploaded to the moodle forum.

Then we completed the draft version of our design document, for this I took the responsibility of designing the Entire System Architecture and the Offline application development. I drew the necessary UML diagrams and we discussed about them in our group meetings. Finally we worked on finalizing the Design Document.

I was also reading about Anonymous Control Systems and found that it would be an interesting idea to implement that in our system to preserve the privacy of the users. There is the mathematical proof of this system, and a practical prototype ‘Idemix’ developed by IBM research lab, Zurich. This was a similar but not exact implementation of ACS. We decided to implement this in our System Architecture.

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