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R1: Started with Discussions

[Work done up to 8th June 2008]

We started the discussions about project within the training period and we had lots of project ideas in our minds, but after campus stared we had to come out with the best project idea of those. However after having project topics finalizing discussion, group member had decided to do eID project, which was the common interest of all group members.

After finalizing project topic we started the doing internet based researches about the eID project.

  • Researchers about existing eID systems
  • What are the factors that will lead to failure (Analysed failed eID systems in other counties  Eg :- Australia )
  • Special Feature that can be add into eID system in Sri Lanka

We did several internet biased researchers and read lots of documentations to find out that kind valuable information for our proposed eID system.

Initially we exchanged most of the project idea via moodle forum and IM, because at that time I was at the home for couple of weeks (Celebrating New Year). However I participated to all main project discussions physically and we did other discussions via IMs.

Then we started writing the draft proposal of eID system and after several discussions we met the project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage several time. We wrote the draft proposal biased on the previous researches. And discussion with Dr. Chandana Gamage helped us to come out with better eID proposal. He provided lots of information/ documents about privacy of the eID system and helps us to write better project proposal.

After several weeks we wrote the draft SRS and discussed with Dr. Chandana Gamage. In that time also he provided great support to write the SRS document. This Wednesday we had documented meeting about the project and also we came out with some new ideas, about implementation of eID.

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R1: The start with eID

[Work done up to 8th June 2008]

We are working on the project called eID – Electronic Identity. We formed the group as soon as the project discussions started during the training period. Then during the latter part of March 2008 we selected the project title. Earlier we had done a research and were ready to propose a project but later due to various reasons and with the satisfaction of all the group members we selected the eID project.

Then we started having discussions regarding the eID project. Earlier it was through emails and IMs, but then we arranged many project meetings and discussed many issues about the system. During these meetings we shared many of our ideas and subsequently each of us went through some sub categories of topics and started doing the research. We had to refer to many web sites to learn about the existing eID systems, there were many online resources available and by going through them we got a better understanding of the requirements and the problems faced in such implementations. After the discussions with our superviser Dr.Chandana Gamage we had to consider about mainly the privacy issues and so that we went through many research papers related to electronic identity, privacy in electronic identity and electronic signatures. Here also we had the system of each person reading different papers and sharing the knowledge gained. This helped us to speed up the process and increase the productivity.

We met with our supervisor regarding the project documentations twice. He gave us the full support of himself to find the references, research papers and his own ideas. He directed us to complete the project documentations and moderate some project ideas. His help was really appreciated.

Other than those project preparation works we completed two major initial documentation works. They were the Project proposal and the Requirements specification. We had many versions of project proposals due to the changes needed to be done. Our superviser directed us to do the necessary modifications and finally we had four versions of project proposals as the last one completely accepted. Then the Requirements specification had only one version and it was accepted. We did many changes mainly regarding the privacy issues of the eID system because that was the main reason for the failure of such systems in many countries like Australia. So we took extra care of this property and did heavy reading and research to shape up the project proposal and the Requirements specification.

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R1: Common Interest and Initial Days

[Work done up to 8th June 2008]

We started working on this project during the later part of March 2008. This was not the first project that we considered, but we had to leave out our other suggestions due to various reasons. The main reason for choosing eID as our project was the common interest shared by all the group members.

Our initial project discussions were mostly done thought only, specially emails and group IMs, as couple of our members were away home during initial couple of weeks. Before and after choosing the project topic, we had to do much reading online, specially on website related to existing Electronic ID implementations. We also referred to many research papers related to electronic identification and digital authentication. During this period we had several meeting with the project members and shared our ideas. We planned it in such a way that each member would read different papers, and at the meetings each of us would present the useful knowledge of it. This way we had the participation of all members in the process.

We also met our project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage couple of times to discuss our project idea while preparing the proposal. He was very much helpful to us and directed us to referring more papers and other related material. His inputs were crucial in shaping up the project idea, in terms of privacy and security aspects of the project.

Other main tasks carried out during this period:

  • Preparing Project Proposal
  • Preparing Requirements Specification

Preparing Project Proposal

We started by putting up some ideas from each member together. After reading about many other successful eID implementations as well as some failures, we had some idea about what features are needs and what could be avoided. We had meetings with group members to finalize our ideas. After this we prepared a draft proposal and submitted that to our project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage. His inputs to the proposal helped a lot in shaping up the proposal. We added more privacy and security features after these meetings. Each of our group member prepared different parts for the proposal and we put all together to make the final proposal.

Preparing Requirements Specification

After the proposal we had to do the requirements specification. For this also we had to refer many other research papers and other relavent documents. AdaptID of Belgium and FINEID of Finlad were to major sources we referred for this. Then we used collaborative methods to write the document. I contributed by writing two of the functional requirements and some of the other elements of the document, while other members contributed in writing other parts of the document.

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R1: The Project, The Start…!

[Work done up to 8th June 2008]

At the very beginning, we had a difficulty on selecting a project idea, after discussing with the group members, we decided to do eID system as our final year project. But when we select that topic we really didn’t know what we have to do and what we have to study for this project. After our several discussions with our Dr. Chandana Gamage, we gathered some basic ideas about the eID. And also we read many  research papers related to electronic identification ans privacy preservation.

After we gathered some basic ideas about the eID, we had to prepare the proposal. First we wrote the draft proposal and got the approval from our project supervisor and finally come up with a proper proposal. After some weeks alter we had to come up with the SRS. We gathered a project meeting and divided the works among the group members. Through this we make sure that all members contribution in the SRS design.

And also we had to arrange our final year LAB in this period. We put the network cabling for the PC and, Installed the required software and OS for our LAB  Computer.

These are the things that we did during this periods.

Kanaganayagham Shayanthan – alias Shayanth

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