R1: The Project, The Start…!

[Work done up to 8th June 2008]

At the very beginning, we had a difficulty on selecting a project idea, after discussing with the group members, we decided to do eID system as our final year project. But when we select that topic we really didn’t know what we have to do and what we have to study for this project. After our several discussions with our Dr. Chandana Gamage, we gathered some basic ideas about the eID. And also we read many  research papers related to electronic identification ans privacy preservation.

After we gathered some basic ideas about the eID, we had to prepare the proposal. First we wrote the draft proposal and got the approval from our project supervisor and finally come up with a proper proposal. After some weeks alter we had to come up with the SRS. We gathered a project meeting and divided the works among the group members. Through this we make sure that all members contribution in the SRS design.

And also we had to arrange our final year LAB in this period. We put the network cabling for the PC and, Installed the required software and OS for our LAB  Computer.

These are the things that we did during this periods.

Kanaganayagham Shayanthan – alias Shayanth

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