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Meeting with Project Supervisor (16-03-2009)

We had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage today from 3pm to 4pm to discuss about the finalizing of the project and project presentations and demonstrations.

We mainly discussed about the project presentation that is due on the 25th of March and the demonstrations on the 26th of March.  We decided to do the presentation as the group as we could have different components presented by different persons. We are also having another finalizing discussing on the next Monday, the 23rd March.

We also discussed about publishing the research papers. As we already have two papers, which might need some more reviewing, we decided to do that at the earliest we can we have identified some conferenced to which we can submit. We have also decided to go for the third paper titled, “A SOA based eID System”, which we plan to complete in April.

We hope to have all the project work completed by this week so we can get ready for the presentation by the weekend.

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Meeting with Project Supervisor (02-03-2009)

We had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage today from 11.30am to 12.45pm.

This is the first meeting after our exams, so the meeting was mainly focused on final stage of the project and completion. The main topics discussed are:

  • Completing ICAMES Application.
    • We already had the application prepared and our supervisor checked it and asked us to send it to ICAMES. (It was sent in the evening).
  • Project Progress, what needs to be done in coming weeks.
    • Development – Need to complete before 15th March
    • Development – Prepare the standalone application user interface to look like a hand-held.
    • Project Report – Need to complete before 15th March
    • Presentation – Prepare a comparison of eID and OpenID.
  • Research Papers, completing and publishing.
    • Complete the main paper by 15th March for submission
    • Work on the second paper in the last 2 weeks of March
    • Can go for a third paper after that
    • We will have to search for other possible places for publication
  • Project Documentary
    • Complete by 18th March
    • Will have to do the shooting during next week

We will be having another meeting next week to update on the progress, and to plan for the second paper.

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