R1: Started with Discussions

[Work done up to 8th June 2008]

We started the discussions about project within the training period and we had lots of project ideas in our minds, but after campus stared we had to come out with the best project idea of those. However after having project topics finalizing discussion, group member had decided to do eID project, which was the common interest of all group members.

After finalizing project topic we started the doing internet based researches about the eID project.

  • Researchers about existing eID systems
  • What are the factors that will lead to failure (Analysed failed eID systems in other counties¬† Eg :- Australia )
  • Special Feature that can be add into eID system in Sri Lanka

We did several internet biased researchers and read lots of documentations to find out that kind valuable information for our proposed eID system.

Initially we exchanged most of the project idea via moodle forum and IM, because at that time I was at the home for couple of weeks (Celebrating New Year). However I participated to all main project discussions physically and we did other discussions via IMs.

Then we started writing the draft proposal of eID system and after several discussions we met the project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage several time. We wrote the draft proposal biased on the previous researches. And discussion with Dr. Chandana Gamage helped us to come out with better eID proposal. He provided lots of information/ documents about privacy of the eID system and helps us to write better project proposal.

After several weeks we wrote the draft SRS and discussed with Dr. Chandana Gamage. In that time also he provided great support to write the SRS document. This Wednesday we had documented meeting about the project and also we came out with some new ideas, about implementation of eID.

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