R7: Draft paper and Design document

[Work done from 18th August to 31st August 2008]

During the last two weeks we were engaged in the following tasks:

  1. Completing the draft paper of the research on ‘Privacy Enhanced Data Management in eID Systems’
  2. Preparing the design document
  3. Finalising the system architecture

We had several group discussions and two meetings with our project supervisor. We discussed about the system architecture for the design document. Then we did the draft version of the design document and submitted that for the review of supervisor. I worked on the part of eID card design specs. We had to move from USB memory stick to Smart Cards. This is due to the privacy issues with keys. I also wrote many textual descriptions for the design document.

Doing the research paper was also interesting. But it was little hard as we have never done such before. We had several discussions on the topic, read a lot of papers in the related topics and then we collectively wrote the draft paper. We have now submitted the draft paper for review and we think the is room for many changes in that before proper publishing.

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