R8: Problems, me and web services

After the exam, I resume development of the web service. That was my first experience with web service development. So, I developed the web service while learning the web service development with apache Axis2, WSAS (WSO2 Web Service Application Server) and eclipse IDE. While developing the web service I figured out some problems with our system architecture.

According to previous system architecture;

In online authentication, First user will try to login to Reliant Parties (RP) web site. At that time RP will send a request to eID web service, asking authenticate the user (card holder). Then web service will be prompt a applet in the card holder web browser. Using that applet we service will access the USB smart card based eID and authenticate user and redirect user to the RP web site again.

But finally I figured out that is not possible in web service because, in web service all the executions are happened in server side and browser redirections are not possible in web services. (We were very new to web services to understand that before)

Then I informed about that problem to the group members and we discussed about that. Finally we come up with a solution that having a separate layer (ie- web page) in front of the web service and then RP will redirect to the card holder to that layer and using that layer web service can access to the eID card without redirect user inside web service.

But after sometimes we figure out that not providing the optimal solution for the eID system. So we decided to have meeting with the Dr. Chandana  Gamage after the vacation.

Then I started struggling with web services again. :)

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