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Project Progress Update Report – 01/01/2009

Hi all,

We wish you a “Happy New Year”, on behalf of the Project eID Team.

I would like to give some latest updates on Project eID within the last couple of weeks.

  1. Shayanthan is working on the “Browser Plug-in” and “Client Application”. He is facing some difficulties in integrating it with the web service, but he is progressing on that. Malalasena is assisting him in this process of integration with web service.
  2. Ramanan is also facing some difficulties as the ordered smart cards has not arrived yet (due to the holidays there). So he is working on the Final Project Report and Research Papers mainly.
  3. Malalasena is working on the Final Project Report with Ramanan and he is also assisting me and Shayanthan in the integration process.
  4. I’m working on the “Card Creation Application” (which is almost complete) and Malalasena is also working with me in the web service part on the card creation application.

We are almost in line with the planned schedule, though we are lagging a little bit due to difficulties in intergration and availability of smart card. But we are very much certain that we are on the right track. We are also looking into some oppertunities in international competitions such as ICAMES 2009 ─░STANBUL, where we might be able to present Project eID.

We keep posted on latest developments with Project eID on this blog.


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Meeting with Project Supervisor (4-12-2008)

We had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage today from 10.30am to 11.05am.

We discussed about the progress of our project, and about our plans to complete the project in time.

Topics Discussed:

  • Progress Plan – How we are going to complete (Posted in our blog here)
    - Project supervisor was satisfied with our plan and encouraged us to work according to that.
  • World Summit Award (possibility of participation – http://wsa.nenasala.lk/)
    - We were asked to apply for this as this could be a good chance for us.
  • Research Papers
    - Project supervisor suggested that if we could come up with two quality papers for publishing, it would be beneficial for us in going for higher studies. So we have decided to concentrate on that as well.
  • Other topics – Buying Java Card
    - We will try to get the Java card to Sri Lanka as soon as we can. At the same time we will be focusing on the USB based eID also closely.

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Project Progress and Work Plans

Hi all,

So as we have finished the 3rd evaluation demo satisfying our supervisors, now we will have to work harder to earn the same at the completion of the project as well.

As we all have a clear idea about what needs to be done individually, now we just need the right effort and spending some time on those to make things on time. As we have planned earlier and as requested by our project supervisor we will have to finish the project by the end of this year (December 31, 2008), which means we have only about 28 days from today (December 3rd).


So its required that each one of us, fix our own deadlines and work in a collective manner as a team. We will be having individual dead lines and accomplish tasks by that, and we have fixed each Sunday as our deadline days. We have 4 more Sundays from now and each of us have partitioned our works to fit into this time frame. We are posing our individual deadlines with components we are working on below.



  • Offline Application
  • Card Creation Application (Desktop part, expect Male to do the WS for this)
  • Relying Party Registration, and Update (hope this can be done as a simple PHP app)
  • eID Information Card (XML)


  • 7th:
    • Offline App – Alpha 1 (USB eID only)
    • Card Creation App – Alpha 1 (USB eID only, no WS access yet)
    • eID Information Card – v1
  • 14th:
    • Card Creation App – Alpha 2 (add WS access, Malale will have to provide that here)
    • Relying Party Registration – Alpha 1
  • 21st:
    • Offline App – Alpha 2 (Smart Card support added, Ramanan will come in for this)
    • Card Creation App – Alpha 3 (Smart Card support added here)
    • Relying Party Registration – Alpha 2
  • 28th:
    • All components finalizing and integration
    • Documentation


  • Client application (Browser extension with client side application )


  • 7th:
    • Browser eID extension – Alpha 1 ( Finished tokenizing the policy and customized )
    • Started to integrate the signing the policy
    • Meanwhile started to integrate to web services also.
  • 14th:
    • Browser eID extension – Alpha 2 ( some model for working extension with the web services ad the signing part )
  • 21st:
    • Finished the eID extension with client app. – beta 1
    • Check with integration with other components – Need to start before 22nd of Dec.
  • 28th:
    • finalizing eID V 1 and integration completed
    • Documentation

Anuradha (Malasena):

  • eID web services
  1. Card Holders Authenticating web services
  2. eID card signing web service


  • 7th:
    • Integrating Apache Rampart module to Cardholders Authenticating web service
  • 14th:
    • Finish Cardholders Authenticating web service
    • start eID card signing web service
  • 21st:
    • Finish eID card signing web service
  • 28th:
    • Integration
    • Documentation


  • Smart Card eID
  • Smart Card Access Classes


  • 7th:
    • Applet Signing and Verification Alpha 1
    • Initial design for the local application
  • 14th:
    • Applet Signing and Verification Alpha 2
    • Local application Alpha 1
  • 21st:
    • Applet RMI implementation and any other necessary methods
    • Applet methods for to be used in eID offline authentication application (optional)
    • Local application Alpha 2
  • 28th:
    • Integration with other components
    • Start Testing and Documentation

We are certain that we could work according to this work plan and complete the project in time. We will be posting more one our activities in this blog in the coming days. So do visit back to get to know :).

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