R14: The Little Little Changes

[Work done from 29th December 2008 to 11th January 2009]

Within the last two week duration, I was mainly involved with final project report and research paper writing. I already had some preparation and just keep writing both paper most of time. Rather than writing the reports I had to involve with the system integration with eID web service plug-in too. Most of the core functionalities of web service is working perfectly and depend on some new requirements of the eID web browser plug-in, I had to do some changes to the web service. Most of the requirement are solved and but there still there is some remaining requirements to finish.

Also we had a meeting with project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage on 15th January 2009 and discussed mainly about reports and potential opportunities to publish papers. Also in that meeting we discussed about having a public IP for deploy the eID authentication and Identification web services.

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