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The Project eID Documentary

We, the team of Project eID, just made this video documentary to help anyone gain a brief idea about our project. We have included many basic details about our project that could serve as a starting point to anyone who is interested in our project.

Its a 13 minutes video, but we urge you to watch the 13th minute… :)

We would like to thank Dr. Chandana Gamage, our project advisor, for his valuable inputs to this documentary. Also we would like to thank Mr. Thiyagaraja Dinesh for helping us in the making of this documentary.

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Final Project Demonstration and Vivas

We have successfully completed our final project demonstration and vivas today. Initially our demonstration we scheduled forMarch 27, but we had to postpone this due to a last mintue problem, when we got our smart cards locked.

Today’s demonstration were possitive and we were able to show in real terms that our project “could work”.

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Meeting with Project Supervisor (15-01-2009)

We had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage today from 1.15pm to 2.30pm.

We were unable to have a meeting with our project supervisor and advisor Dr. Chandana Gamage for the last couple of weeks due to some mid semester exams and the little load of assignments we had. So at today’s meeting we had to discuss the progress of our project, which is now almost in its final stage and the following matters in details.

  1. Project Progress – We detailed out the individual progress of eac components of the project whic heach of us are working and our project supervisor was satisfied with the worked done and encouraged us to complete the things at our best we can.
  2. Public IP and Server for testing – We are in need of a testing server to deploy our webservice so that we could test it from different places. So we requested a public IP access for our project and Dr. Gamage was so much of helpful in getting that to us, and he sorted that our with relavent persons who were incharge of this and got things done within 15 minutes while we were at his room.
  3. Smart Card Development – As Ramanan had received his smart card kit we took that to the meeting to show to our supervisor. We are hopeful the work related to this could be finished as soon as possible.
  4. Project Demo – The next important thing discussed at this meeting was about the Final Project Demo which needs to be done on the 29th of january or in March after our exams. We decided that we will be doing the demo after our exams as we have to compelte the
  5. Project Report – We were asked to use more reallife examples in the report to explain things and use the same at the presentations too. Ramanan is working on cordinating this. We will have to complete the first draft for review by our supervisor by next Monday or Tuesday. We also talked about refering to the past year project reports.
  6. Research Papers – We discussed about the flow and content of the main research paper of the project, and I’ll post another update seperately on that soon. Also we will have to work on another couple of research papers if possible.
  7. Other Competitions – We also discussed about different venues where we can present our project and publish our research papers. We had a detailed discussion on that and I’ll post another seperate update on that later.

Our project is almost in it final stage, we have almost everything under control to complete it in a better were in time. I’ll keep posted about the progress of the later stage of the project in the days to come.

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Presenting Project eID at ICTA for WSA Competition Selection

We be doing a presentation at Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA), on Project eID for the WSA 2009 National Pre-Selection. This will be an opportunity for our team to present our project out of the university as well as gaining some experience.

This presentation is scheduled at 5.20pm tomorrow (Tuensay, December 23, 2008) at ICTA, Colombo 5. All four members of our project team will be participating in this and we might also do a short demonstration of our project after the presentation. Updates will be posted on this blog.

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Pre 3rd Formal Evaluation Demo

We are having the 3rd Formal Evaluation of our project on the 27th Thursday, and we were asked to do a pre demo to our project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage. This is just an update of that demo session, and feedback we received.

At today’s demostration we were able to show the following components of out project:

  • Browser plug-in (Very Basic version)
  • Authentication Web Service
  • Java Card eID (with basic functionalities)
  • Off-line Identification Application (without PoI database functionalities)

Some feed back we received:

  • Relying Party Policy
    • Include Privacy Definitions
    • Privacy Levels
    • Standard Privacy Policy
  • UI Engineering
    • Colour levels in Browser Plugin while getting user acceptance
    • User Friendly Interfaces
    • Elegant design for offline application
    • More graphical, but neat appearance in the offline application
  • Policy encryption
    • Not really needed, but can make it no visible
    • Using Rampat would solve this
  • Replay Attacks
    • At user end time stamp should be added to relying party policy and signed
    • Checking for defined time frame at WS

Out project supervisor was stisfied with out progress so far, and wanted to do some more before the evaluvation on 27th. He also mention that finishing the project by the end of December is good, and we are also working towards that goal.

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