Pre 3rd Formal Evaluation Demo

We are having the 3rd Formal Evaluation of our project on the 27th Thursday, and we were asked to do a pre demo to our project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage. This is just an update of that demo session, and feedback we received.

At today’s demostration we were able to show the following components of out project:

  • Browser plug-in (Very Basic version)
  • Authentication Web Service
  • Java Card eID (with basic functionalities)
  • Off-line Identification Application (without PoI database functionalities)

Some feed back we received:

  • Relying Party Policy
    • Include Privacy Definitions
    • Privacy Levels
    • Standard Privacy Policy
  • UI Engineering
    • Colour levels in Browser Plugin while getting user acceptance
    • User Friendly Interfaces
    • Elegant design for offline application
    • More graphical, but neat appearance in the offline application
  • Policy encryption
    • Not really needed, but can make it no visible
    • Using Rampat would solve this
  • Replay Attacks
    • At user end time stamp should be added to relying party policy and signed
    • Checking for defined time frame at WS

Out project supervisor was stisfied with out progress so far, and wanted to do some more before the evaluvation on 27th. He also mention that finishing the project by the end of December is good, and we are also working towards that goal.

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