R10: Offline Application and Deadlines

[Work done from 3rd November to 16th November 2008]

We started working more on the project as we had set some of our own deadlines after our switch to the new architecture.

I’ve been working on the Read Only USB based eID, which will another form of eID apart from the Smart Card based eID. I research about how to make a USB memory stick read only and found no possitive results on that, but I’m continuing to find other workarounds to tackle this issue.

I’m also working on the Offline Identification Application of the eID frame work. This is a standalone application that will run is a special devide. This application will also include a PoI database verification, and I’m working on that too. This involves key verification of the eID file, and I’m currently implementing this to support only USB memort based eIDs, but we might extend it to Smart Card based eID also.

I also did some modifications in out CSE SVN repository to use externals, and also did some modification in the Project eID website.

We are also continiously updating our website at www.project-eid.org, and out blog at blog.project-eid.org.

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