R14: In-charge of Research

[Work done from 29th December 2008 to 11th January 2009]

During this period I was mainly involved in the final project report and the research paper works. I was able to receive the Java smart cards and reader together at the latter part of the second week and then started working on that, specially with the workstation application. There were several initial configurations needed to be done in order to use the Java card development environment which also uses Global platform and Open platform standards. There were many lessons provided with the card and reader, I had to follow them and learn the environment. Now we are reaching the final stages of the project and I’m about to work on the integration part of the smart card with the browser plugin.

I was in-charge for the report and research work and to coordinate them. So for the purpose I was preparing the basic frameworks and to divide the work among our group members. We’ve already completed first three chapters of the report and now everyone is working on their individual contribution parts. Also we’ve started the research paper works and hopefully complete them before the deadlines.

We had a meeting with our supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage on 15th January 2009 and discussed several issues with him. We needed to get a public ip to deploy our authentication web service, had to discuss about the Java card issues, and discuss about other potential opportunities to publish papers and to present the project. These issues were raised in the meeting and our supervisor responded immediately.

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