R14: Starting to Write

[Work done from 29th December 2008 to 11th January 2009]

During this two weeks period I was involved in the following activities in our project:

  1. Completing the Card Creation Application: I was not able to finish this in time as I expected, due to problems I faced with XML generation and XML signatures. I’m also having some issues related to including the Web Service into this, for which I have to work with Malalasena.
  2. Final Project Report: Ramanan was appointed in charge for project report, and he divided work among all group members. I first started writing about my individual contributions. I will have to write and complete some other part also soon.
  3. Research Paper: We also stared working our main research paper. We had several group discussions on this and we also discussed with out project supervisor about this.
  4. Competitions/Conferences: Our project team and our supervisor are interested in presenting our project in events outside Sri Lanka, and I search and contacted some potential events, and we are in the process of preparing the applications for this.

We are almost nearing the completion of the project with some minor issues lift to besorted out.

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