CITISIA 2009 – Presentation Video

Our paper titled “Privacy Enhanced Data Management for an Electronic Identity System” was presented at the Conference on Innovative Technologies in Intelligent Systems & Industrial Applications (CITISIA 2009) at Monash University Sunway Campus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 26, 2009.

S. Nimalaprakasan from Project eID presented the paper, and B. A. Malalasena also participated at the event. Here is a small video that we compiled with bits from CITISIA 2009.

Watch this on YouTube

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Our Research Paper on IEEE Xplore

We are glad to tell that our paper titled “Privacy Enhanced Data Management for an Electronic Identity System”, published at CITISIA 2009,Malaysia is now indexed on IEEE Xplore database. If you have the IEEE membership, you can access that research paper in PDF here.

Publication Details:

  • Nimalaprakasan, S.   Ramanan, S.   Malalasena, B.A.   Shayanthan, K.   Gamage, C.   Fernando, M.S.D.
  • Dept. of Comput. Sci. & Eng., Univ. of Moratuwa, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
  • This paper appears in: Innovative Technologies in Intelligent Systems and Industrial Applications, 2009. CITISIA 2009
  • Publication Date: 25-26 July 2009
  • On page(s): 358 – 363
  • Location: Monash
  • ISBN: 978-1-4244-2886-1
  • Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/CITISIA.2009.5224184
  • Current Version Published: 2009-08-28

We would like to thank Dr. Chandana Gamage and Mr. Shantha Fernando, our project supervisors, for their support. We also would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Arosha Senanayaka and the IEEE Student Branch of Monash Sunway Campus, Malaysia, for organizing CITISIA 2009 and forgiving the opportunity for publishing this paper.

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Successful Completion of CITISIA Presentation & Exhibition

We are glad to inform that we have successfully completed our presentation of the paper titled “Privacy Enhanced Data Management for an Electronic Identity System” at the CITISIA 2009, held at Monash University Sunway Campus, Malaysia.

Also we participated at a project exhibition at the same venue, where we were able to present “Project eID” to a wide range of participants at the conference. Our project idea was well received by many academics and students.

We will post more updates on this with photos (and if possible videos) in the coming weeks.

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The Project eID Documentary

We, the team of Project eID, just made this video documentary to help anyone gain a brief idea about our project. We have included many basic details about our project that could serve as a starting point to anyone who is interested in our project.

Its a 13 minutes video, but we urge you to watch the 13th minute… :)

We would like to thank Dr. Chandana Gamage, our project advisor, for his valuable inputs to this documentary. Also we would like to thank Mr. Thiyagaraja Dinesh for helping us in the making of this documentary.

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Our First Paper Accepted for CITISIA 2009

We have been working on Project eID for more than an year by now. Though we have completed our main project goals, that were targeted as for our final year project we are still continuing to work on couple of research areas related to our project and we will be publishing the outcomes in the near future.

Our research paper titled “Privacy Enhanced Data Management for an Electronic Identity System” that was submitted for the Conference on Innovative Technologies in Intelligent Systems & Industrial Applications (Citisia), Monash University Sunway Campus, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was accepted and we will be presenting the paper at the conference in July.

More detail about this paper and other research we are involved will be updated on Project eID Codex. We are currently working on two more papers, that are also related to project eID and we will be posting more updates on those as well.

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ICAMES 2009 – Videos

Hi friends,

Here are the videos from the ICAMES 2009, the 15th International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students, organised by ENSO of Bogaziçi University Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey.

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ICAMES 2009 – Project Presentations Video

Project Presentations at ICAMES 2009 (The 15th International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students)

Organized by ENSO, Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey

Held on May 11th and 12th, 2009

Part 1:

Watch on YouTube

Part 2:

Watch on YouTube

(P.S.: I took a little too long to upload these videos.. :) )

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ICAMES 2009 – May 16th

Day 6+1 – Flying Back

  • Got up at 9.30
  • Had breakfast at hotel
  • Can Üzüm & Goknur Topcu came to meet us at the hotel
  • Couldn’t spend the day with them as Can had a soccer match that day
  • Checkout the hotel room room at 11.30
  • Participants from Italy and Michigan left
  • Kept our bags and went for lunch at a nearby mall
  • Did some shopping at a supermarket and had lunch at Pizza Hut
  • Came back and left to airport on campus bus with the Spanish group
  • Spanish group had flight at 5 so the went directly for check-in
  • We spent some time on internet and checked-in online while at the airport
  • Checked-in our bags at 5
  • Had ice cream at Burger King (which turned out to be a tragic joke)
  • Passport checks and immigration formalities
  • Walked around duty free shops for sometime
  • Board flight at 7
  • Takeoff at 7.30
  • Flights had long traffic on runway
  • Dinner on flight


  • Land in Dubai at 12mn
  • Shop at Dubai Duty Free
  • Board at 2am (but different flight than that was on the itinerary)
  • Breakfast on flight
  • Land in Colombo at 830am


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ICAMES 2009 – May 15th

Day 6 – Closing Ceremony

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Seminar at campus on Career Choice (but felt it was little sloppy)
  • Had Capachino
  • Introductory presentation on Masters Programs of BU
  • Lunch, the usual sandwich for all, but Ramanan had special being a vegetarian.. :)
  • Closing Ceremony
  • 1st – Americans, 2nd Borazici CS Project, 3rd MEU Turkey Robot
  • Shayanthan got the wrong certificate with the name of Malalasena, our 4th member who didn’t participate in ICAMES
  • Greece and Latvian groups left just after the Closing Ceremony
  • Came back to hotel
  • The concert planned for the night got canceled, as the signer who was supposed to come got hammered a day before :)
  • Went to campus and had dinner (same sandwich), but also had something else at canteen
  • Spent some time on the campus green with others
  • Walked around campus with Ben and Hidr
  • Had a long chat with Ben, Metin and Hidr about education systems
  • Went to an expensive disco instead of the concert, that had a really nice view of the Bosphorus Bridge
  • Danced till 3am
  • Back to hotel and farewell to groups that were leaving in morning – Purdue, Mazadonia, Crotia
  • Just a long sleep…


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ICAMES 2009 – May 14th

Day 5 – Istanbul Sightseeing

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Visit Topkapi Palace, a little long journey on bus
  • Spent nearly 2 hours inside the marvelous Ottoman palace, which is not only a palace now, but also a museum housing a large collection items from the Ottoman period and before
  • Lunch on the roadside (the same sandwich, but we are used to it now… :) )
  • Visit Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya Mosque, which is a former Orthodox patriarchal  basilica, later a mosque, now a museum
  • Spent about 1 hour on the 2 floors and this had a strange stairs to go up
  • Visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii or Blue Mosque)
  • It was strange that we were allowed to go into this historical mosque (carrying our shoes in a bag)
  • Went inside and spent about 30mins
  • Walk, Walk and Walk to Grand Bazaar
  • Shop some souvenirs
  • Return to hotel
  • Turkish Night on a boat on the Bosphorus
  • Dinner and then Dance till 1am


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