ICAMES 2009 – May 16th

Day 6+1 – Flying Back

  • Got up at 9.30
  • Had breakfast at hotel
  • Can Üzüm & Goknur Topcu came to meet us at the hotel
  • Couldn’t spend the day with them as Can had a soccer match that day
  • Checkout the hotel room room at 11.30
  • Participants from Italy and Michigan left
  • Kept our bags and went for lunch at a nearby mall
  • Did some shopping at a supermarket and had lunch at Pizza Hut
  • Came back and left to airport on campus bus with the Spanish group
  • Spanish group had flight at 5 so the went directly for check-in
  • We spent some time on internet and checked-in online while at the airport
  • Checked-in our bags at 5
  • Had ice cream at Burger King (which turned out to be a tragic joke)
  • Passport checks and immigration formalities
  • Walked around duty free shops for sometime
  • Board flight at 7
  • Takeoff at 7.30
  • Flights had long traffic on runway
  • Dinner on flight


  • Land in Dubai at 12mn
  • Shop at Dubai Duty Free
  • Board at 2am (but different flight than that was on the itinerary)
  • Breakfast on flight
  • Land in Colombo at 830am


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