R12: Completing eID Offline App

[Work done from 1st December to 14th December 2008]

Project Management

During this time we decided to go with a tightly planned schedule with individual deadlines as to make sure that we work according to plans and finish in time. We had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage on 4-12-2008 and discussed about the progress of our project, and about our plans to complete the project in time.

Project Development

I worked on the final stages of the eID Offline App and integrated the PoI Database functionalities to it. For this purpose I used SQLite databases and I had to learn a little (or spend couple of nights) for that.

I also worked on the Card Creation application and we have proposed a new card numbering system with checksums and finalized the eID-XML format. I have completed the basic functionalities of the eID Card Creation module, and I’m continuing to work on that these days.

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