R12: Java Card Client Terminal

[Work done from 1st December to 14th December 2008]

For the last two week period I was working on Client terminal application and the RMI implementation to the eID Java Card application. I had to refer to the manual and read through online forums to get some idea to sort out the problem in hand. This is now almost done and I’m on the track to meet the local deadlines.

During this period we had a meeting with our project supervisor and discussed the progress of the project. We are also getting ready for the WSA competition and our project has already been proposed. Now we are getting ready for a presentation plus demonstration on next Wednesday as requested by ICTA regarding this WSA competition.

We’ve also purchased two Java Cards and One reader/writer and it is now being shipped. As soon as it is arrived we can further boost up the progress and complete the implementation within this month

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