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R13: Presentation & Integration

[Work done from 15th December to 28th December 2008]

During this two week period we were in the final stage development and also we had to participate in a competition out of the university and present our project. We had the national level selection presentation for the World Summit Award 2009 under the e-Business/e-Governance category at ICTA Sri Lanka on Tuesday, December 23, 2008. It was a successful presentation on our part where we were able to get external feedback from the panel which judged.

There after we had a formal meeting with our project supervisor on the 24th December where we discussed about the presentation for WSA 2009. And also we discussed about the research papers.

Meanwhile we had started to integrate the project components together which were developed by individuals. I had to work in the Malalasena’s web services to integrate with the client side application. We had many integration problem and we both tried to manage to integration successful.

Problems We had during the integration :

  1. String sensitive, XML tags has automatically converted to lower case, we first we had bad signing problem.
  2. Problems to load the external libraries in the eID client application. Then I used the class loader to load all external libraries.
  3. Signing of the XML string, it was a problem due to the Java security class in the client side.

I succeeded on solving these problems with several testing.

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R12: Digging down with Browser Plug-in

[Work done from 1st December to 14th December 2008]

Last two weeks I worked on the client side application. I’m facing many problems whit the LifeConnecter Java mechanism. Then I started integrate my works with the eID Web service. It was really very problematic thing and still I’m working on that. Meanwhile I’m also developing the eID Relying Party policy registration part as a web base application.

Our project has already been proposed. for the “World Summit Award (WSA)” competition¬† and we were getting ready for that. Also we had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage, where we discussed about the progress of the project and other project related matters.

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R11: More Action, Less to Say

[Work done from 17th November to 30th November 2008]

Last two weeks i worked on the eID client side application of the project. My main concern was on the eID client side Firefox browser based extension which take care of the Relying party policy and control the client side.

    And we had several meetings with our project supervisor and discussed regarding the 3rd formal evaluation which was on the 27th November. And done the 3rd formal demonstration also in this week.

    I think we did a lot during this time, and it seems I got less to say here as I feel my work would speak for me (just think so) :)

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    Browser Plug-in Workflow

    We are in the process of developing the eID Browser Plug-in. This will be divided into two parts, one plug-in and the second underlying application, which will do the real work.

    We just discussed about the basic workflow of messages/actions in the browser plugin. I’ll just summerise what we have decided on.

    Starts with the browser plug-in in the user’s browser.

    • Browser page detected – using some tags or some other method
    • Get the signed policy file from the Relying Party
    • Get user acceptance to the policy
    • Pass it down to the application

    Now the underlying application will take control.

    • Application access the eID card (Smart Card/USB)
    • Do signing and encryption as needed
    • Policy need to be signed by the user to ensure acceptance
    • Send to Web Service

    Now the ball in the court of WS. It does whatever it need to do and it will reply to the application. Application gets control again.

    • Analyse the received reply
    • Send back the reply to the browser plug-in

    Control back to the plug-in. Send the reply back to the Relying Party website, and the user continues to do this stuff at the site.

    This might be a long list but this need to happen within about a 15-30 seconds, and I think Shayanthan and Ramanan will make sure this works. Will keep updated one more soon.

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