R8: Vacation during Project

Its Vacation during Project, not Project during Vacation :)

I started back working on the project couple of days after the exam. The first thing we had to do was to finalize the architecture in the online authentication and web services part. Malalasena and Shayanthan who were working on the WS part encountered some problems that required us review back the system design for changes. We had couple of meetings to discuss on these matters. After this we came up with changes and proceed on to development.

On the other had I worked on the project web site mainly. Though we had the documentation site at http://codex.project-eid.org/ we felt it could be better to have a blog to update our latest developments then and there. So I setup a blog using WordPress at http://blog.project-eid.org/ I also crearted usernames for each users, so that all of us can post independently. We then migrated mostly all the reports and posts from Moodle and some from our Google Docs to this blog, as appropriate.

I also did some tweeks in MediaWiki on which Codex site is running to suite more to our requirements. I also installed a custom made theme for the Codex site. (I’m thinking of porting the same theme for the blog as well in future.)

Then I setup the SVN code repocitory for the project at our site. But that is currently closed for public access due to some problems, and I’m trying to solve those currently.

Finally I also designed a nice index page for the project web site which is pure HTML and CSS, and it will be the home at http://www.project-eid.org/

We are into serious work after the vacation, and I hope things will go on smoothly in days to come.

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