R8: Think about New Architecture

After the exam, we had gathered two meeting with our supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage. After our discussions with the supervisor, we had to change the system architecture. According to our previous architecture we planned to have the eID system in between the Reliant Party (RP) and the clients. For that architecture we identified there is the problem in the client authentication was services. We needed to redirect the request to the client to get his authentication details. So we identified that there is problem in the request redirection part because it is impossible to redirect the request in the web services.
There for I planned to develop a layer in between the Reliant party and the eID services. That layer help to redirect the request and get the client authentication details from the client.
But after the discussion with the supervisor, he didn’t suggest us to maintain that kind of architecture in the eID system. Then we planned another flexible architecture.
Then I started to find out the way to handle the message passing mechanism in between the client and eID card and the eID server. Then finally I found a solution to overcome that problem through the Java Applet. Through the Java Applet client and the eID server can communicate by using HTTP requests.
So finally we all are re planning the system architecture.

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