R8: Messing around with Java card

Just after the first semester exams finished, I started the reading and implementation works in a smart card environment according to the decision made in the meeting with our project superviser. First I had to learn about the smart card basics, programming techniques and then set up the development environment. I went through several hardships in finding solutions in this phase, so I got many helps from many online forums.

After a lot of reading I decided to use Java card technology. It was not so familiar for me to work with that platform. Setting up the environment for the first time took me about a week. Presently I’m supposed to use the simulater available in JCDK (Java Card Development Kit). And also we are in the process of buying a USB smart stick or Smart card and reader from Singapore.

Presently I’m in the process of developing an applet to be used in the smart card. So I’ve identified the functions to be performed by the applet and designing the class architecture.

After the exams we had a group meeting for discussing issues with the web service development. We redesigned the architecture to overcome the problems. During this period we had several teleconferencings and discussed the issues. However we got some problems that had to be discussed with our superviser. So we decided to meet him when the semester starts.

We implemented a blog to our project website and I was working on migrating the old reports to that blog. We found that having this sort of blog will greately help us in the future. We decided to post a copy of all our weekly reports and other reports to this blog in the future.

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