R6: Problems and Redesign

[Work done from 4th August to 17th August 2008]

During this period of two we involved in developing a prototype that could be used to demonstrate our system. But we were unable to complete that due to some misunderstandings and problems. We found most of these problems after the meeting we had with our project supervisor.

We had the meeting with project supervisor on August 15. This meeting was mainly focused on how we are progressing and what we need to do soon. (Details can be found here) The main think we found was that our system architecture was not a very complete and strong one and thus needs changes. We were with some misconception about how the system could be used in an offline mode. Specially we had to address the issues such as Privacy and Unlinkability, while providing some extend of backtracking features in a protected manner.

We found it very difficult these into our previously decided design, so we decided to have meeting with team members to discuss on these issues. As of the outcomes of these meetings, we found that our design has the ability of providing the desired amount of privacy requirements when it is running in the online mode. But we had some conflicting issues when it is running on offline mode. In terms of the eID card also we are having difficulties again when it comes to protecting privacy offline. This happens because even if we restrict access to digital data in card, we have no way so far to ristrict access to data printed on card. Thus we are still reading on this issues.

On the other hand we have the tight schedules in which we have to come up with prototypes for evaluation as suggested by our project supervisor. So we decided that we would go on making a very basic web service that could later be extended to match our needs. So Malalasena and Shayanthan are working on the prototype webservice, while I’m working with Ramanan on the system architecture design and issues related to privacy in offline and online.

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