R6: Into Web Services

[Work done from 4th August to 17th August 2008]

On 15th of August we had a meeting with Dr.Chandana Gamage and we discussed lots of things regards the project. In that meeting we mainly concerned about the Privacy and Unlinkability of the eID. Because of less Privacy and Unlinkability maybe case failure of the eID system, Dr.Chandana Gamage advice us to increase the Privacy and Unlinkability of the eID project comparing to other similar implementations. In that meeting he provided some suggestion and let us come up with a better solution.

After this meeting we had several meetings regards the new requirements and how to extend the project according the new requirements. And also we discussed about the keeping our project according to Digital Identity standards (seven laws of Identity). Finally we realize that, in the case of the “online authentication” our system design needs no changes. But in the case “offline authentication” our system has short of some features.

Because of Web service part is one of the main parts of the eID system and we got more clear idea about the web service part rather than other part of the system, I started develop web service part of the system in this week.


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