R6: Initial Architecture

[Work done from 4th August to 17th August 2008]

At the start of this two week period we were mainly concerned about implementing our early developed system architecture with the identified requirements. We’re doing research and we tested the WSO2 identity solution which is a kind of authentication providing system for enterprises. It uses the Windows card space authentication which has some disadvantages when it comes to speak in terms of high privacy preserving identity solution which provides some functionality like Unlinkability and Anonymity. Anyway we got a lot of understanding of how an identity solution should be implemented in a practical scenario.

Then on 15th of August 22, 2008 we had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage. It was almost about two hours of meeting where he gave us a lot of information about implementing such eID systems with his practical experiences and they were very much helpful in understanding the problem domain very clearly. Only during this meeting we realized that our existing architecture have some drawbacks in terms of Unlinkability and Anonymity. We were advised to change some portions of our system architecture. With our project supervisor advice we redesigned our system architecture.

Presently Malalasena and Shayanthan are working on developing a prototype web service with WSAS (Web Services Application Server), while myself and Nimal working on the system architecture and the privacy issues.

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