R6: Initial Prototyping

[Work done from 4th August to 17th August 2008]

During the last fortnight we were focusing in developing a prototype for our eID system. And also we had a meeting with our project supervisor on August 15. This meeting was mainly focused on how we are progressing and what we need to do soon. He suggested some good way to use the eID card for the offline authentication with the privacy preserving mechanism. Before we were with some misconception about how the system could be used in an offline mode. Especially we were with the idea about to use Privacy and Unlinkability, while providing some extend of backtracking features in a protected manner. So we had some meeting with team members to discuss on the offline issue.

On the other hand we have to come with the proper prototypes for evaluation as suggested by our project supervisor. I’m and Malalasena were assigned to develop some working prototype using the webservice.

So I started to develop some basic step in client side mapping for the user authentication through the webservice, which was developed by Malalasena for the user authentication. Even though it is very tight schedule, I managing to finish it very soon.

I have to find a way to sending the data form client to server using an Applet. But In a firewall environment it is so hard get to know about the outside world for an applet which is in the client side.

Now I’m working this problem. I haven’t found any suitable way to solve this problem. I learnt about the socket program, but that won’t work in a firewall environment because client might not have a right permit ion to open a socket connection between a client and server. I hope I can overcome this problem very soon.

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