R13: WSA, CAD, APDU and some more

[Work done from 15th December to 28th December 2008]

We presented our project to ICTA officials on 23rd December 2008 for the pre-selection competition for World Summit Award(WSA). We were doing initial preparations during the starting week of this period. We had a meeting with our supervisor prior to the presentation and discussed with him regarding the project progress and suggestions for the ICTA presentation. We all the group members attended and they were inspired by our ideas and the work done. After the succesful completion of the presentation, we had a meeting with our supervisor the very next day(24th December 2008) and updated him with the details.

Technically I was working on the workstation application which connects with CAD (Card Acceptance Device) and communicate with the Smart card via APDU commands. This application was partially finished and later couldn’t be proceeded until the Java card arrival. This was due to the reason that some of the functionalities can not be tested without the physical devices. The JCWDE and CREF simulators were useful for applet development and testing but for the workstation application no simulation was possible.

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