R13: A Presentation Week

[Work done from 15th December to 28th December 2008]

During this period we were in the final stage development of most of the modules and also we participated in a competition out of the university. We applied for the World Summit Award 2009 under the e-Business/e-Governance category. We got great support from our project supervisor Dr. Chandana Gamage in submiting the application form. We had to do a presentation on Project eID for the WSA 2009 National Pre-Selection at ICTA Sri Lanka on Tuensay, December 23, 2008. It was a successful presentation on our part where we were able to get external feedback from the panel which judjed. We were able to answer all questions asked at us we are certain that we did our best job. Now its up to the selection panel to select us or not, but this has been a good experience for us.

More about our involvement in WSA 2009 is documented in this blog here.

We had a meeting with our project supervisor on the 24th December where we discussed about the presentation for WSA 2009 and also about the research papers and the project progress. Also I completed the Offline Application during this time period and also started work on the card creation application, which is one an other utility application in Project eID.

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