R2: Search and Research

[Work done from 9th June to 22nd June 2008]

During the period 9th June 2008 to 22nd June 2008 we were mainly doing researches regarding our project issues. We also had a documented meeting in which we divided some search topics among ourselves and shared our knowledge we’ve gathered. Then I posted the meeting details to the moodle.

I was assigned to do some research on cryptography and hardware interfaces related to our project. Throughout this two weeks period I went through some research papers and referred to some books to study about PKI and cryptography. We’re still doing research to find a suitable eID container from two possible choices USB memory stick or USB smart card.

We had a techtalk on 26th June 2008 titled ‘PKI in Enterprise applications’ was really helpful to gather some information for some aspects of our project requirements. It was done by an epiclanka personnel. He explained about some of their products and functionalities. It was not a technical oriented presenatation but it arouse some profitable ideas.

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