R9: Moving to new Architecture

Due to problem we had with web service developments, we meet Dr. Chandana Gamage within the week started after the vacation. Then we discussed about the current situation of the project and the problems we had regarding the eID system architecture and web service development. Finally in that meeting we figure out several problems with the architecture.

  • High probability of malicious attacks to eID system
  • Most of the processing are happening in the server side (high work load on server)
  • Difficulty of developing a web service with that architecture

Because of that, I proposed new idea about the system architecture. Which is more user controllable and more secured. After the meeting with Dr. Chandana Gamage, we had another group meeting and discussed about problems we had and solutions provided by the new architecture. Also, abilities we have to be continued with the existing architecture.

Then again we had meeting with Dr. Chandana Gamage, regarding the latest condition of the project architecture. Finally we decided, that is better to move in to new architecture which is having more capabilities of implementing eID system.
Also in that meeting Dr. Chandana Gamage advice us to come across a mechanism, which is using read-only USB memory stick for eID card rather than USB smart card.

After that, I start to develop the eID web service according to the new architecture. Also I had read lots of articles about the AXIS2 and AXIOM data modal. Also after some discussions we decided to use “RSA” for encryption, decryption and signing.

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