R13: WS Integration

[Work done from 15th December to 28th December 2008]

During last two weeks we started to integrate the project components together. So in the case of eID web service is secured in a manner that it can be only invoked by the eID Browser Plug-in created by Shayanthan. Hence, in last week we start to work together and integrate the web service and the web browser plug-in. That was little bit difficult task due to web browser plug-in was very sensitive to the string and case lost of matters. However finally we figure out the problem and solve that and successfully integrate the web service with the browser plug-in.

After some time we had another problem regard the web service and web browser integration, due to smart card can’t handle long string and we had a problem with signing and encrypting the XML policy string in the client side. So we decides sing the XML policy string’s hash value. So in the web service side also I have to change the bossiness logic that accepts the signature of hash value of policy string rather than signature of the policy string.

After that I concerned about improving web service quality by making that more dynamic. Still I’m working on that and expecting to move development of other web service after finish the eID authenticating web service. Then I start to writing of the final report and the research report of the eID system. So we had a group meeting regards the final report and the research paper. Finally we came up with a appropriate outline for those reports.

We also applied for the world summit award 2009 under e-Business/ e-government category. We had the national level pre-selections at ICTA Sri Lanka on Tuesday, December 23, 2008. We did the presentation in very satisfactory way and we are waiting for the results.

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