R11: Wearing the Java CAP

[Work done from 17th November to 30th November 2008]

We had our 3rd formal evaluations of the project during this period. So that I was working very hard to achieve my own deadlines to produce a working model of the Java card applet. I finally succeeded in developing the applet with signing and verification implemented, but the terminal application and the client side development was in the halfway. Because of that I was able to demonstrate the applet, installing, converting to CAP (Converted Applet), and deployment only. Without the terminal, I couldn’t send different APDU’s and demonstrate the output. But anyway our Supervisor and Project Coordinator were satisfied with the progress. It seems like I’m wearing the Java CAP all these days…!

Earlier to the final 3rd Demonstration, we did a trial demonstration to our Supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage and got his feedback to further improve the quality of the system and the demonstration.

We also had two meeting with our Supervisor during this period and also had a meeting with a WSO2 personnel Mr.Nandana. Hope these will be really helpful to make the final system more productive

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