R10: Working on Java Card Applets

[Work done from 3rd November to 16th November 2008]

For the last two week period I was busy with completing my modules for the demonstration. I was doing the development in the Java card environment, I had to develop an applet which will be deployed in a Java card as a CAP file. The methods defined in these applets can be accessed in two methods, message passing model and Remote method invocation method. I’m developing a terminal application which is a normal java program which will reside in the local machine and can communicate with the Java smart card. This is very essential as this is the main component which can help to demonstrate the functionality of Java card applet. Otherwise the applet can be converted to a CAP file and deployed to a Java card, but there is no way to check the functionalities.

We had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage and discussed the progress of the project. During the meeting we finalized the deliverables of the project. We are still updating our blog at project website blog.project-eid.org with the latest updates and progresses of the project. The project website is also being updated periodically.

In addition to the meeting with the supervisor, we had several group discussions and exchanged ideas. Each one of us are responsible for clearly separated modules of the project, and also we have to interact within those modules. For this purpose each one of us should be aware of other’s work. For this purpose we are having online conferencing whenever needed.

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