R5: Presentation and Feedback

[Work done from 21st July to 3rd August 2008]

On 24th of July we had our first formal presentation, and the day before that day we completed the presentation and did a demonstration to our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage. He gave us his feedbacks and they were really helpful to make up our presentation in a structured way. Earlier we planned two of us to do the presentation. But later after the feedbacks of our supervisor we reduced our number of slides to 5 where the contents came up to 3 pages, we decided one of us to do the presentation because the unnecessary swaps would have ruined the timing of our presentation. On the day of our formal presentation, the presentation was done to the coordinator Dr.Shantha Fernando and supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage. The feedbacks we gained in this occasion was an up thrust for us to boost the development activities.

Then we were advised to create a website for our project and we implemented the basic version of our website within 24 hrs at our own domain name http://www.project-eid.org. We’re still in the process of updating our website.

25th of July we had a meeting with Mr.Ruchith at WSO2. He introduced two of his team mates for the future needs because he is about to leave abroad for his further studies. The WSO2 team have developed a product named WSO2 Identity solution. We discussed about the possibilities of getting some idea out of that product. We are still in the process of doing the case study with identity solution.

We have also divided our project responsibilities among team members and we are targeting 15th August as the next deadline for some demonstratable outcome from each member.

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