R4: PGP, PKI, WS and more…

[Work done from 7th July to 20th July 2008]

During this two week period we had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage.
During that meeting we discussed the following;

Developments so far
We discussed about the current status of the project and described our progress in terms of knowledge gained and possible solutions gathered.

2. Smart card
We discussed about the possibilities of using USB smart sticks instead of normal USB memory sticks. It is a good option considering the internal processor contained in it. But as it is being a commercial product (eg: iKey 2032) and expensive we are adviced to research about the feasibilities of using such an interface.

3. PGP vs CA
OpenPGP is an open source Public Key Server, can be used to issue the keys. But in PGP the problem is trust is with the user not the server. Only the user decides the trust level for each of the keys he/she would encounter. On the other hand using a Certificate Authority (CA) model would add trust to system itself. So we have to decide on what is best suited for us and what more we have to add to these in our need.


4. Kerberos Architecture
Dr.Chandana Gamage also explained about the Kerberous architecture with some practical examples and adviced on how that could be included in our system design

5. Contact for WS-Identity
We found an existing WSO2 project named Identity Server, which can be used as a project component. Our superviser Dr.Chandana Gamage gave us the contact details of the author of that program. We are adviced to discuss with the author named Charith and get some useful ideas.

6. Ideas for first formal presentation
We were given ideas for the first formal presentation, about how to do an efficient presentation with fewer number of slides for this purpose, what important points to be noted and so on..

We also decided to meet with our supervisor regularly to discuss the project progress.

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