Meeting with Project Supervisor (23-10-2008)

We had a meeting with our project supervisor Dr.Chandana Gamage today from 11.45am to 12.45am.

Today’s meeting was very important as we were able to identify many issues and problems to be considered in our project. I think this is due to the shortcomings in our initial design phase, but at least we found this at this point. We identified that the architecture we were working on has some problems and needs some changes. Due to this some of the earlier code of some modules need to be changed significantly. But I think that the way things work…!

Problems we found:

  • Session handling through browser (This was misinterpreted at the meeting, hope what we were thinking was OK)
  • How we tie up the message flow? – How the transaction is handled among Relying Party, eID Holder, and eID System
  • Protecting Privacy in transaction – This will be one big concern, but we need to decide to what level we can do this.
  • Possible DoS attacks

Possible solutions:

  • A model similar to the Card Space specification (I don’t think this alone will solve our problems)
  • But we could adapt something from here to our system
  • Changing the message flow,, having user in the middle instead of the eID System in the middle (?)

Java Card:
Discussed about the progress on the eID Card development. As we wanted to use Java Card, decided to order and buy a Java Card and Reader for this purpose. We will have to decide on a suitable card soon and buy as it could help us progress faster. We will have to find a way to get it from Singapore or some place.

Read Only USB Token:
Even though we are doing main development using Java Card, project supervisor suggested us to have another option also with Read-only USB tokens as it could add value to the project. We will have to look into this too.

Admin Matters:

  • Need to update the project web site regularly (Seems missing a lot lately)
  • Having regular meetings with project supervisor, as it would help us greatly to identify flaws and issues in the project progress.
  • We need to speed up thing a little more as we have a lot more to do :(

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