ICAMES 2009 – May 13th

Day 4 – Journey to Asia

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Went to campus
  • Had a seminar by Paul Doany, CEO, Turk Telecom on technology and entrepreneurship
  • It was more on his experiences in making the correct decision and also suggested that not always the intellectually sexy ideas succeed.
  • He also talked about some of the VAS services and other application they are working on at Turk Telecom.
  • Spent some time on the campus green
  • Went on a picnic to the Asian side of Istanbul
  • BBQ/Lunch
  • Loads of fruits, deserts, Ice Cream and some sleep under the shades
  • Some guys played the Beer Dice Game
  • Came back to campus and then to hotel and had the usual dinner (the sandwich)
  • Went to Bowling, which was fun and entertaining
  • Ramanan was the winner with 146 points though this was his first time playing (Nimal got 78)
  • Back to hotel a little earlier than the other days


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