ICAMES 2009 – May 11th

Day 2 – Presentations Day 1

  • Get up late at 8.00 and had to skip breakfast
  • Went to university at around 9
  • Presentations started from 9.30
  • Presentation by METU, Turkey
  • Presentation by Boğaziçi University, Turkey
  • Presentation by Purdue University, USA
  • Presentation by University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (yeah… our presentation was at 11.15)
  • Though we thought we were not well prepared, most of the audience response was it was good and had a chance to chat with some of them who were impressed by the concept.
  • Lunch on rooftop
  • The building where the presentation were held (Perkins Hall) had a beautiful rooftop view of the Bosphorous.
  • Some more presentations in the afternoon
  • Presentation by Italy
  • Presentation by Sabanci University, Turkey
  • Presentation by Latviya
  • Presentation by Greece
  • Finish at 3
  • Walked around the campus with Can and few of his friends
  • Went to ENSO room and found out that these was another group from UoM who have took part in ICAMES 2007
  • Ate alot at a campus cafeteria
  • Played some handball (or whatever with a ball in hand) on the green
  • Back to hotel
  • Had dinner at hotel (though its a little boring with the same sandwich all the time…)
  • Some free time to rest (or to check mail and post some updates on Facebook and Twitter… :) )
  • Went to Hookah Party (Waterpipe Night)
  • Back to hotel around midnight


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