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ICAMES 2009 – May 9th – (the unofficial) Istanbul Sightseeing

Day 0


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ICAMES 2009 – May 8th – Flying to the Timeless City

Day (0-1)


  • 12.15AM – Check in at Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) was easy with Emirates Online Check-in, also we can get the seats as we wanted
  • 01.00AM – Felt kinda hungry while waiting for boarding, so had a $1 Burger at BIA
  • 03.00AM – Boarding, Helped another Tamil guy who was going to Doha
  • 03.30AM – Take-off from Colombo, The ICE Entertainment system was nice and had few Tamil and Hindi movies and also some good collection of music
  • 04.00AM – With Special Online Order, we got special Breakfast (served earlier too) including the Hindu Meal for Ramanan. The food on Emirates was good as expected
  • 04.00AM – Slept for sometime and watched a movie.


  • 06.00AM – Landed in Dubai International Airport
  • 06.30AM – Walked around Dubai Duty Free
  • 07.00AM – Helped the Sri Lankan guy going to Doha, whom we met at Colombo airport, to find his boarding gate
  • 07.30AM – Breakfast at Starbucks :)
  • 08.30AM – Slept for a while near our Boarding Gate Area
  • 10.30AM – Boarding
  • 12.00PM  – Take-off from Dubai
  • 12.30PM – Special Lunch (again), the Oriental lunch on Emirates was good
  • 01.30PM – On flight drinks, but just soft drinks only


  • 03.00PM – Landed in Istanbul Atatürk International Airport
  • 03.45PM – Finish immigration
  • 05.00PM – Wait till the group from Michigan to arrive
  • 07.00PM – Arrived at Hotel, but we didn’t have a room there, so went to a university dorm
  • 08.30PM – Went to for dinner with our ICAMES guide, Can Üzüm
  • 09.30PM – Dinner at KFC in a mall
  • 11.00PM – Had Cappuccino at Bebek Starbucks with few other ICAMES groups
  • 12.00AM – Came back to room


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To the Timeless City for ICAMES 2009

We will be in the Timeless City Istanbul, Turkey for week from May 9th to May 16th to present our project at ICAMES’ 2009. We will keep more daily updated on our project activities posted on this blog from there.

This will not just only be a acadamic conference, but will also include many more activities including parties, sightseeing, etc. So we shall post photos and videos of those also here in this blog.

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