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Starting… I’m Starting

It has been almost a week after coming back from Turkey, and the conference atĀ Istanbul Bogazici University was fantastic. It took me little longer to to recover from the tour mode. Now its time for me to put some effort into this project.

I have to use SVN+SSH and I’m not sure about what OS would be better for me. Though Ubuntu was my primary OS, I had to switch to a Vista box which I share with my family as my laptop got burned internally. I’ll have to work hard on this project and get my second payment to get a new laptop… :)

I have sent my SSH keys to my mentor Nathan, and he will be enabling my SVN access, and now I feel I’m really lagging in my project which I have to catch up in some way.

I’m planing to have some form of a deliverable by June 15th. Lets hope for the best…!