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Community Bonding Time

This is my first year with GSoC, and I’m little overwhelmed with the mails and information I’m getting from the mailing lists. And one of the interesting ones I found is the “Community Bonding time” which I’m not sure how it works. So I just put a mail to my mentor Nathan, and he gave me some indications as how I can proceed with this project.

After these concersations I have the following as a status update:

  • I’ll be working with a previously written codeduring the last GSoC.
  • I’ll be given access to the Creative Commons SVN, for which I have to give my SSH public key.
  • My first task would be getting the plug-in up to compatibility with OOo 3.
  • Nathan suggested me using NetBeans and a NetBeans plugin that can help start OOo plugin development.

So now I’ll have to get those SSH keys generated (seems I forgot how I did that couple of years back :) ) and send those to my advisor, then only I will be able to get the SVN access.

In the man time I’m going for a conference in Istanbul, Turkey from 9th to 15th May, so will have to start on this after coming back.

Hope to keep this blog updatd…. So just ping back and see… if I keep my words… :)