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Progress Update – June 15

AND Finally, (not really its still the beginning), I was able to setup the environment and update all the needed libraries for the plug-in. I wasted days, rather a week, looking in some wrong places, until I found this rather simple document to update the previous SDK library to the latest one.

Then there was this “flickrj” library, the latest version of it seems to have changed in someways how the authentication class works, or may be Flicker API changed, so updated that also. The earlier (Mihai’s) branch had a API Key, but I replaced with another Non-Commercial API key that I for from Flickr.

Almost all the environment is setup, and the project compiles without any errors. SO does that means it work…? No, don’t think so. Now my next taxk for the comming week would be to working on that.

I have got this great guy Nathan from CC as my GSoC mentor, who pings me and asks for project updates, so hope to give some trouble to him as well, as I’m certain I’d encounter more in the comming days… :)