Five years gone, I’m still here: Blogging

Photo by Michael Ruiz, available under a Creative Commons Attribution License

It’s almost five years when I started blogging (after few attempts here and there). And surprisingly I’m still doing it. The main reason it’s a surprise is, I don’t normally do things for so long. However, blogging has always evolved along the time. I don’t no more blog regularly, but this has been a private… Continue reading Five years gone, I’m still here: Blogging

Learn the Easy Way –  This is a web site I found while random surfing. is devoted to providing the highest quality, educational training videos on the latest software releases for “free”. The site emphasises on FREE Videos and claims everything on this site is free. These free training videos will save hours of training time. Watch… Continue reading Learn the Easy Way –

CS&ES AGM 2006 – Sponsors Video Clip

Its just 2 months after I have come to Computer Science and Engineering Department. And this is my first video clip I’m doing for the department alumni AGM, the CS&ES AGM 2006.