SLT Slashes Down ADSL Rentals, Adds New Packages

I posted sometime back about SLT ADSL packages for low rates, and now it seems that they have reduced charges for all SLT ADSL packages. Now the Entrée package is Rs.500 (+VAT) which was Rs.1,000 (+VAT), and the Home package is Rs.1,600 (+VAT) from the early Rs.2,250 (+VAT). Both these packages have 128kbps upload speed […]

Special SLT Broadband ADSL Package at Deyata Kirula Exhibition

SLT might be announcing a new Special Broadband ADSL Package at the Deyata Kirula Exhibition which is now opened for public at BMICH, Colombo. The leaflets in Tamil and Sinhala leaked from some internal sources show some details about these new “reduced charge” packages. But when I tried to get a confirmation from SLT they […]

WebSVN – Web-based Subversion Browser

I am working on my final year project (Project eID) these days, and I had to setup the SVN repository at our domain, and that worked fine, thanks to Dreamhost One-Click Subversion installation. But then I looked out for a web based Subversion repository browser so things could look a little more nicer and found WebSVN. is […]

Free like free beer – Free Domain Name + Free Hosting

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