New! in Picasa Web Albums

Seems guys at Google are really excited this week, with Google Chrome, Picasa 3, and more new features to Picasa Web Albums… Some new stuff in Picasa Web Albums: Name tags in Picasa Web Albums – Put a name to a face Discover photos from around the world on the Explore page Upload photos by… Continue reading New! in Picasa Web Albums

Google Favicon Changed

Google has a new favicon now. I saw the new favicon for the first time when I was logging into Gmail this morning, and I thought there was something wrong with my browser’s cache or something else. Then a quick search reviled that this is in fact┬áthe new favicon of Google. I think the other… Continue reading Google Favicon Changed

Google Shared Stuff

This is just another one from Goolge, and its called 'Google Shared Stuff'… Seems like just another social bookmarking, like Digg,, etc. Its not officially announced yet and still in the days of biginning… Anyway I got a page crated for me here, For more details refer to or here. Don't know much… Continue reading Google Shared Stuff