Five years gone, I’m still here: Blogging

Photo by Michael Ruiz, available under a Creative Commons Attribution License

It’s almost five years when I started blogging (after few attempts here and there). And surprisingly I’m still doing it. The main reason it’s a surprise is, I don’t normally do things for so long. However, blogging has always evolved along the time. I don’t no more blog regularly, but this has been a private… Continue reading Five years gone, I’m still here: Blogging

Now Powered by WordPress

I have been blogging since 2006, and completed 3 years this July. I enjoyed blogging over at Blogger, yet I always wanted to move to WordPress someday with my own domain. Now I have moved, moved from my Blogger to a hosted WordPress.

My blog, I’m learning…

Everyone is having blogs thesedays, and I wanted to have one too. … But still I am far away from the blogging world. Now I’ve landed in blogger. We’ll see what happens in the future.