6 Years in Australia

6 years. Yes, that’s right, it’s been six years since I came to Australia in April 2010. Looking back, it’s been an interesting journey so far, with lots of changes, yet some are still the same. Why did I come? Technically speaking, I came to Australia for my studies. But was that the only reason?… Continue reading 6 Years in Australia

The 2013 Recap

2013 was an different year for me, with many new beginnings. This is me just recapping the past twelve months and contemplating what’s onset for the next.

Another day out with friends: Farm Fantastic 2011

Last Sunday I got a chance visit the Farm Fantastic 2011 expo in Caboolture, with some the fellow Brisbane International Student Ambassadors. Farm Fantastic claims to be the Australia’s biggest outdoor retail expo and this year was their 10th anniversary. We got on a Caboolture train from Central station and there were connecting shuttle buses… Continue reading Another day out with friends: Farm Fantastic 2011

How to eat Vegemite…?

I’m trying out Vegemite, after almost a year in Australia. It’s much better than I feared and I like it in a way.